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N95 Medical Protective Mask


Product Description

The N95 Medical Protective Mask is used as respiratory protection for the wearer, for example to prevent exposure to biological air particles, including bacteria and viruses (microorganisms), particles produced by electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments.



Product Specifications

  • Shape: 3D Foldable
  • Size: Adult
  • Outer layer: Polypropylene Anti-stick, Non-woven Fabric 50 gsm
  • Second layer: Meltblown 25 gsm
  • Third layer: Meltblown 25 gsm
  • Fourth layer: Breathable Cotton 45 gsm
  • Inner layer: ES Non-woven 20 gsm
  • RI Ministry of Health NIE: AKL 20903027525
  • Other specifications: Single use only