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IWork Endotracheal Tube Cuff No 3.0

Airways Anesthesia

Product Description

Endotracheal Tube (ETT) is a tool used in the medical world to ensure the airway remains free. Manufactured from implant tested non-toxic Siliconized PVC, which helps protect delicate mucosal tissue. These tubes have a comprehensive size range to suit all patients from children to adults.



Product Specifications

  • Type: With Cuffed
  • Material: Medical Grade PVC
  • Size: 3.0
  • Sterile/Non-sterile: Sterile
  • Sterilization Method: Ethylene Oxide Gas
  • TKDN value: 40.26%
  • Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health NIE: AKD 20403321222
  • Other specifications: Soft cuff, High Volume, Low pressure, only once used