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Business Matching Lombok 2023: Opening Business and Investment Opportunities Under the Charming Beauty of Lombok Island

Lombok, 12 March 2023 - The "Business Matching Lombok 2023" event officially opened at Aruna Hotel Senggigi, Lombok Island. The event, which will last for three days, from 12 to 14 March, aims to create a platform for interaction between business people, investors and industry stakeholders who are interested in exploring business and investment opportunities on the island of Lombok which is rich in economic potential.

The stunning natural backdrop makes Lombok Island an ideal location for this kind of event, creating an inspiring atmosphere for conducting fruitful business meetings. More than 200 participants from various industrial sectors have gathered to discuss, share ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration under the shadow of Lombok's natural beauty.

Over three days, the event will host various presentation sessions, panel discussions and workshops involving various topics such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, technology and infrastructure development. Leading speakers from various industry fields also provided their views on the latest trends and opportunities on Lombok Island.

"Business Matching Lombok 2023 gives us the opportunity to explore new business opportunities and interact with potential business partners. We believe that this kind of initiative will support local economic growth and bring benefits to the people of Lombok," said Mr. Adi Nugroho, a businessman who was also present at the event. the event.

In addition to formal meetings, the event also offers casual networking sessions and one-on-one business meetings, allowing attendees to forge deeper connections. Full support from the local government and related institutions also supports the smooth running of this event.

It is hoped that the results of "Business Matching Lombok 2023" will produce new investment opportunities and business cooperation that can have a positive impact on the economic growth of Lombok Island. Through collaborations and initiatives like this, Lombok Island has the potential to further develop as a center of economic growth and an attractive business destination.

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